Often known as "buffing," the correct term for the process of restoring paint is called Paint Correction. This process will bring your paint to the best possible condition by slowly removing scratching, swirl marks, fading, water spots, and other defects from your paint.


Resulting in incredibly deep gloss, clarity, and color vibrancy. With the ability to restore defected paint from swirl marks, minor scratching, fading, oxidation, water spots, and more -- all in one in depth process.


Even if your vehicle is brand new, no other process creates as much gloss, clarity, or color vibrancy as Paint Correction -- not even Ceramic Coatings. Furthermore, Paint Correction will deep clean the surface of your paint and ensure a proper coating ready surface.



Our Enhancement Polish consists of a basic yet impressive gloss enhancing polishing. This process takes anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete depending on vehicle size and condition. You can expect a 50% or more improvement in paint clarity, gloss, and defect removal. Recommended for vehicles with less than 500 miles or for those wanting a basic overall gloss enhancement.

1 STEP CORRECTION -$1000-$1500
Our 1 Step Correction consists of a less strenuous process with just one round of polishing. This process takes anywhere from 4-8 hours to complete depending on vehicle size and condition. You can expect a 75% or more improvement in paint clarity, gloss, and defect removal. Recommended for newer vehicles with minimal scratching and defects.

2 STEP CORRECTION - $1700-2700
Our 2 Step Correction process is our flagship polishing service. This process includes a "Cut" and "Polish" stage which results in 95% or more of the existing defects removed and better than new clarity and gloss enhancement. This process is typically 8-16+ hours depending on vehicle size and condition. Recommended for those who want the best possible results.

Our four Step Correction is ideal for your show car, classic vehicles, or super car. This includes wet sanding, cutting, polishing, fine polishing, and more as needed. This process aims to achieve 98% or better improvement in defect removal, gloss enhancement, clarity, and reflection. Not recommended for daily driven vehicles. 



How does Paint Correction work?
In technical terms, Paint Correction is the process of very slowly and intentionally using a Variable Speed Dual Action Machine Polisher to remove defects from the surface of a vehicle’s clear coat paint, in combination with polishes and compounds to assist in the clearest result possible. In basic terms, we polish your paint back to a clear and glossy surface using a variety of speciality steps, processes, and products to achieve the best possible condition. This works by slowly refining the clear coat (or single stage color coat) by removing microscopic layers to a fresh finish below the existing defects.

Is Paint Correction the same thing as a "Cut and Buff?" 
Yes, old school detailers and older technology of the indsutry commonly referred to Paint Correction as a "Cut" and or "Buff" process. The same principles stil laplpy to modern Paint Correction, however the products, tools, and results that can be achieved today are safer and significantly improved overall. Modern Paint Correction still consists of a "Cut" which is a more aggressive polishing step and a "Buff" which is a less agressive fine polishing step. 

How long does Paint Correction last?
Paint Correction is a true permanent improvement to the paint system. Because we are re-finishing the surface by removing microscopic layers of clear coat, the damage we remove is fully removed and is not hidden or covered up the way a wax or sealant product would. It is vital to understand that Paint Correction is not a preventive for future damage. The issues it fixes are truly fixed, but they will happen again without proper care and paint protection in the future. We highly
reccomend having a professional grade Ceramic Coating installed after any Paint Correction work is performed. 

How do I know what level of Paint Correction my vehicle needs?
Knowing exactly what level of Paint Correction any given vehicle may need can be difficult without proper training and knowledge on paint systems and Paint Correction processes. Generally speaking, we reccomend a One Step Paint Correction for vehicles 1-2 years old, 2 Step Paint Correction for vehicles 2+ years old, and a variety of other levels depending on specific conditions, care, and the type of paint used on the vehicle. It's usually best to reach out to one of our Specialists to get final pricing and reccomendations for your vehicle.

Is Paint Correction safe?
With our advanced training, knowledge, and experience with such a wide variety of modern and vintage paint systems on all types of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, camper trailers, among others -- we can safely and effectively perform Paint Correction on any of your painted vehicles. We always take the proper precautions and use the least aggressive method possible to achieve the best possible results.

Is Paint Correction the same as Waxing?
No, Paint Correction and Waxing are two completely seperate categories. For one, Wax is a traditional paint protectant (which lasts anywhere from 1-4 weeks on average) that sometimes has the ability to hide and fill scratches temporarily. Paint Correction is a true surface re-finishing process that permanently removes defects from your paint and does not hide any damage. It is improtant to have some type of protection installed on your paint at all times and especially after Paint Correction, but with modern developments we generally reccomend Ceramic Coating over waxing due to the immense benefits of protection that cannot be offered by a wax product.